Immigration law change frustrates Queenstown pharmacy owner


Immigration law change frustrates Queenstown pharmacy owner

Chilton Towle
Spring Yeung and Bronwen Judkin
Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons’ retail staff member Spring Yeung (left) and co-owner Bronwen Judkins say ongoing visa changes are very frustrating
Queenstown pharmacy owner Bronwen Judkins has been left “devastated” by work visa law changes that may cost her four ­valued retail staff members.


Yeah i agree with above statement but we can talk to immigration regarding roles in pharmacies field like pharmacy Assistant, Technician and pharmacist... This is a health care system, they are not selling fish n chips, I respect all the business, but immigration have to understand and consider the requirement of the immigrant in New Zealand and priorities according to skilled....

Overseas qualified Pharmacy Technicians have been the target of INZ scrutiny for the last couple of years. I was one of them, despite having been recruited for my specialist skills not widely available outside of the UK. It’s not just community pharmacies which will suffer, hospitals are struggling to employ specialist pharmacy personnel  also. INZ do not care and unless pharmacy bodies do more to address this issue it will only get worse.