Multiple health professionals criticised for ‘lack of critical thinking’


Multiple health professionals criticised for ‘lack of critical thinking’

Chilton Towle
The health and disability commissioner has criticised several health professionals who failed to pick up on an incorrect prescription dispensed nine times over four years
A pharmacy, a GP and a disability service provider have been ordered to review their procedures and apologise after an incorrect prescription resulted


It is completely unreasonable to name the pharmacy and not the medical centre. 

Totally agree Natalie. This is another example of a real need for System Changes at a higher level, rather than finding fault just with individual practitioners. 

New Zealand is no different than many countries where medical profession is protected and given more waitage over Pharmacist.

For FOUR years a completely unacceptable instruction for administering this medicine was dispensed by multiple pharmacists, but the conversation is about how the pharmacy was named and not the Dr??

Recently in Australia a patient died after the pharmacist "just went along with what the doctor wanted" and dispensed methotrexate to be taken daily. Pharmacists need to stand up and question EVERYthing that is prescribed wrong if we're to justify our professional role as guardians of medicines use.