Pharmacy Council to consult on raising APC fee again


Pharmacy Council to consult on raising APC fee again

Chilton Towle
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The Pharmacy Council is planning to raise APC fees by 0.88 per cent next year
The Pharmacy Council is proposing an increase of just under 1 per cent to next year’s annual practising certificate fee. Under the proposal, which


" Michael Pead says the increase is “business as usual” due to the council’s increasing costs of operating."

My operating costs are similarly rising. Is the DHB going to do anything about the fact that there hasn't be an inflationary adjustment to the fees they pay us in, what, a decade? I'd love to increase my fees whenever I felt the need. 

Its fair enough for the Council to pay for a core staff / resource with respect to discipline but to subject all of the profession to fee increases when discipline cases blow out is totally unreasonable. These over-and-above costs should be passed directly onto the guilty person/s.