Pharmacy Council eases path to prescribing by removing prerequisite


Pharmacy Council eases path to prescribing by removing prerequisite

The pathway to becoming a pharmacist prescriber is now easier with the requirement for a clinical pharmacy diploma removed
Pharmacists wanting to be prescribers no longer have to complete a postgraduate diploma in clinical pharmacy first, the Pharmacy Council has decided.


Given that a significant amount of money will have been spent developing and maintaining the pharmacist prescriber programme (likely in the region of $500k +), it has to be questioned whether its worth it given there are only a half dozen or so practicing pharmacist prescribers.

In the big picture, there needs to be accountability on the spending of our money on fanciful endeavours like pharmacist prescribing rather than just quibbling over small details like the relevance of a post grad diploma as part of the training.

Interesting the pharmacy council gets so excited about this, but if a sole practitioner happens to want to leave the (pharmacy) building for a few minutes they are a nasty criminal.  How about the industry, Society, Ministry and Council come together to make life a little more bearable for sole practitioners so we can part of a grown up team of health professionals e.g. If I want to go to an interdisciplinary meeting during the working day what's my option? Lock the door, oh hang on, that breaches contract with DHB, I just have to decline politely again and continue to look like the numpdy pharmacist that can't be part of the discussion because of some ridiculous anachronistic legislation

A couple of decades ago I believed that the bureaucrats were genuinely interested in us sole charge practitioners because they said so. After 20 or so years, I have realised they aren't. As much as most of them say that they are there to help, when the chips are down they flee the ship quicker than the rats. There are some notable exceptions and often from unexpected quarters but generally Society, Ministry, Council et al, are only thinking of High Street, Big City. The proof is in the pudding.