Scotland shows the way, but would it work here?

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Scotland shows the way, but would it work here?

Chilton Towle
Andi Shirtcliffe, Bernadette Brown, Richard Townley, Trish Farrelly and Aarti Patel
Scottish pharmacist Bernadette Brown (second from left) with (from left) Ministry of Health chief pharmacist advisor Andi Shirtcliffe, Pharmaceutical Society chief executive Richard Townley, ministry pharmacy manager Trish Farrelly and Canterbury Communit

Bernadette Brown is a Scottish pharmacist who has applied her independent prescribing skills and business acumen to transforming her community pharmacy into an award-winning community health hub. In late July, she was invited to visit New Zealand to share her experiences with Kiwi pharmacists and sector leaders. Reporter Jonathan Chilton-Towle spoke to Berni during her visit

When it comes to surviving and thriving in a highly competitive market as an independent pharmacy owner, Scottish pharmacist Bernadette Brown has been


So how have the Scottish model got this past their Licensing Authority? As the Licensing Authority in NZ imposes conditions which prevents the pharmacy from dispensing prescriptions issued by a prescriber holding an interest in the pharmacy.

Wonder too....!!!

No, it wouldn’t work here because Scotland’s  heavy reliance on automation is made possible by original pack dispensing.

NZ could not afford the hundreds of millions extra it would cost Pharmac / Govt to switch to an OP system.

Someone should have costed this out before wasting their time.