Whanganui pharmacists adopt simple tool for at-risk patients


Whanganui pharmacists adopt simple tool for at-risk patients

Asthma NZ spacer
Asthma New Zealand published guidance on the correct use of spacers. See YouTube video below

A simple, cheap, but effective initiative is being rolled out in the Whanganui district to target patients with chronic respiratory illness.

From this week, inhaler spacers are available through pharmacies to all aerosol inhaler users who want them, says Des Healey, pharmacist facilitator at the PHO, the Whanganui Regional Health Network.

The spacers have been made available by the PHO in an ongoing initiative for the district’s 14 pharmacies, he says. This week, each was sent 15 or more spacers, and there’s further stock if pharmacies need more.

Mr Healey says spacers improve the delivery of inhaler medication by up to 60 per cent.

“[It puts people] in a better position if they are challenged with a viral infection,” he says.

Brought forward in crisis, Mr Healey says the PHO had aimed to roll out a project for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease this year, but the spacer element of th, Asthma NZ video