Waikato DHB Pharmacy Workers Begin Partial Strike Action


Waikato DHB Pharmacy Workers Begin Partial Strike Action

Media release by APEX

APEX Pharmacy Workers employed by Waikato DHB begin a week of partial strike action today in an effort to progress collective bargaining.

“We initiated bargaining in December last year and are yet to accept a reasonable offer from the DHB” says APEX Pharmacy Advocate Denise Tairua.

“We’re only asking for what’s fair, which is to receive the same salaries as pharmacy workers across the country” adds Tairua, “the DHB’s latest offer puts Waikato pharmacy workers over a year behind their colleagues in other parts of New Zealand.”

“After significant delays to bargaining from the DHB, it’s unacceptable that they would present such an inequitable offer. Pharmacy workers are growing increasingly frustrated and feel the only option left is to strike to receive an improved offer.”

The partial strike action runs from 0800 on Tuesday 15 September until 0800 Tuesday 22 September and covers APEX pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants at Waikato Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmacy on Mead.